Reasons Why Participate

Because you are looking for more efficiency, agility and precision in your projects and works. At Smart.Con you learn and share experiences.

Because the use of technology will bring better results with security, scalability, flexibility and sustainability. The event connects you to innovation.​

Because you set the trends of tomorrow. Here you are connected directly to the source and talk to developers of solutions and new technologies.

Because you want to connect with inspiring people. You find like-minded peers looking for new paths to explore.

Who Is The Event For


Engineering offices and departments of construction companies, designers, architects, engineers, consultants, engineering and architecture students,​ academic professionals and manufacturers of equipment and its devices.


Professionals from the engineering, projects and operations areas, who deal daily with infrastructure projects in public and private companies. ​

Real Estate

Commercial and residential condominium builders, developers, real estate brokers, condominium administrators, insurance companies, banks, pension and real estate funds, government departments (plan director),​ constructtechs and proptechs.


Business development and equipment leasing operations executives, as well as professionals in the purchasing, operations and logistics areas of construction ​companies and contractors.​