The Smart.Con

Smart.Con is a platform for knowledge dissemination in new technologies and innovation for the construction industry in Brazil.
Structured to serve the Engineering, Infrastructure, Real State and Equipment Rental markets, the annual event is a meeting point for the industry that seeks to update, exchanging experiences and doing business.


New technologies focused on intelligent engineering, new construction methods, digital transformation and project development .

Heavy construction combined with intelligent solutions to optimize deadlines, costs, safety and efficiency in the infrastructure sector.​

The possibilities generated through the digital transformation in the real estate construction industry.

The use of equipment leasing as a strategic tool for flexible access to the latest technologies, increasing projects profitability.​

Who is the event for?


Engineering offices and departments of construction companies, designers, architects, engineers, consultants, engineering and architecture students,​academic professionals and manufacturers of equipment and its devices.


Professionals from the engineering, projects and operations areas, who deal daily with infrastructure projects in public and private companies.

Real Estate

Commercial and residential condominium builders, developers, real estate brokers, condominium administrators, insurance companies, banks, pension and real estate funds, government departments (plan director),​ constructtechs and proptechs.


Business development and equipment leasing operations executives, as well as professionals in the purchasing, operations and logistics areas of construction ​companies and contractors.​