Personal Data Protection Policy


MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL values its user privacy and developed this Privacy Policy to evidence its commitment to protect its privacy and personal data, as per Data Protection General Law provisions as well as other laws on the topics, and describe how their privacy is protected by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL while collecting, handling and storing their personal information.

  1. Definitions
    User: every natural person that shall use or visit the Website(s) and/or Application(s), over eighteen (18) years of age or emancipated and fully capable of performing civil life actions or the ones absolutely or relatively incapable properly represented or assisted.
    Personal Data: it means any information provided and/or collected by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL, by any means, even public ones, that: (I) identify, or that, whenever used in combination with other information handled by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL identify an individual; or (II) by means of which a natural person identification or contact information can be derived. Personal Data can be in any media or format, including electronic or computer records, as well as hard copy files. Personal Data, however, does not include corporate telephone, corporate mobile phone number, corporate address, corporate e-mail address.
    Purpose: the goal, the target MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL is willing to achieve from each personal information handling.
    Need: justification through which it is strictly necessary to collect personal data, to achieve the purpose, preventing excessive collection.
    Legal grounds: legal grounding that legitimates personal data handling for a specific previous purpose by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL.
    Consent: express and unequivocal authorization provided by the personal data holder User, so that MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL handles personal data for a previously described purpose, in which the legal grounds required for the action demands the holder express authorization.This policy applies, in general to every User and prospect User of the services offered by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL, including website Users or other means operated by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL and summarizes how MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL can collect, produce, receive, classify, use, access, reproduce, transmit, distribute, process, file, store, delete, assess or control the information, change, communicate, transfer, broadcast or extract collected data, including personal identification information, according to applicable legal grounds and every data privacy and protection law in force.While accessing and/or using our event website, the User declares he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age and full and express capacity to accept terms and provisions of this Privacy Policy and Consent Term lawfully.If the User is not included in the description above and/or does not agree, even partially, with terms and provisions of this Privacy Policy, he/she shall not access and/or use the services offered by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL, as well as websites and services managed by it.
    The User is aware he/she is providing information in aware and volunteer way by means of [FORM/ETC.], or by means of websites managed by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL.
    Whenever the User performs registration and/or fills in forms provided by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL, including in websites managed by it, specific Personal Data requested shall be kept confidential and it shall be used only for the purpose that motivated the registration, according to Purpose Table.
    MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL can disclose Personal Data collected to third parties, in the following situations and within limits required and authorized by law:


    1. To its customers and partners whenever required and/or appropriate to relevant service provision;
    2. To companies and individuals contracted to execute specific activities and services on behalf of MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL;
    3. To group companies and Germany headquarters;
    4. To suppliers and partners to perform services contracted before MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL (including information technology, accounting, among others);
    5. To administrative purposes, including: survey, planning, service development, security and risk management.
    6. Whenever required due to legal obligation, competent authority ruling, or legal ruling.

    In case of Personal Data sharing with third parties, every subject abovementioned in items 1 to 6 shall use shared Personal Data consistently and according to the purpose to which it was collected (or with which the User consent previously), and according to this Privacy Policy provisions, other website or country privacy statements, and every applicable data privacy and protection laws.

    In specific circumstances, MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL can disclose Personal Data, as required or appropriate, to government agencies, consultants and other third parties, with the goal of complying with applicable laws and regulations or legal order or summons, or yet, if MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL believes in good faith that such action is required to:


    1. Comply with laws and regulations that enforce such disclosure;
    2. Investigate, prevent or take measures related to suspected or actual illegal activities or cooperate with public agencies or protect national security;
    3. Contract performance;
    4. Investigate and defend against any third-party claims or allegations;
    5. Protect service security or health (for instance, sharing with companies that are experience similar threat);
    6. Perform or protect da MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL rights, property and security;
    7. Protect its employee, user or public rights and personal security;
    8. In case of MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation or dissolution.

    MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL shall notify the relevant Users on occasional legal demands that result in personal information disclosure, as provided by item 4, unless such notification is forbidden by law or court order, or yet, if the request is urgent. MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL can object such demands, if it deems that requests are excessive, vague or performed by incompetent authorities.

    All Personal Data shall be stored in MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL database or in database stored in cloud by service providers contracted by MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL, that shall comply properly with data laws and regulations in force.MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL and its suppliers use several security procedures to protect Personal Data confidentiality, security and integrity, preventing occasional damage occurrence due to such data handling.Even though MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL uses security measures and monitors its system to check vulnerabilities and attacks to protect Personal Data against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or modification, the User understands and agrees there are no guarantees that the information cannot be accessed, disclosed, changed or destroyed by breach of any physical, technical or administrative protections.
    MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL keeps all data provided, including Personal Data, while the User registration is active and as required to perform its services.MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL shall retain your Personal Data and keep your data stored until occasional deletion request, or according to periods provided in Purpose Table.MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL can keep your Personal Data upon receiving deletion request or upon Purpose Table terms, if required to legal obligation compliance, settle disputes, keep security, prevent frauds and abuse and enforce contract compliance.
    MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL only handles Personal Data in situations it is legally authorized or by means of User express and unequivocal consent.
    As provided in the Policy herein, MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL has legal grounds to collect, produce, receive, classify, use, access, reproduce, transmit, distribute, process, file, store, delete, access or control information, change, communicate, transfer, broadcast or extract User data.Legal grounds including consent (achieved in express and unequivocal way in Consent Term), contracts and preliminary contractual procedures (in which the procedure is required to execute the contract with the User) and lawful interests, as long as such process does not violate rights and liberties.Such interests include protecting the User and MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL against threats, complying with applicable laws and regulations, regular right performance in court, administrative or arbitration proceedings, qualifying business performance or management, including quality control, reports and services offered, managing corporate transactions, understanding and improving business and relationships with customers and enabling users to find economic opportunities.The User is entitled to deny or withdraw his/her consent provided to MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL, whenever this is the legal grounds for personal data handling, and MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL can terminate its service performance for such user if such request takes place.In case of doubts on legal grounds for your personal data collection, handling and storage, contact MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL and its Data Protection Officer through the e-mail address
    MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL offers to the User several options on what to do with your collected, handled and stored Personal Data, including deletion and/or correction. The User can:


    1. Delete data: the User can request the deletion some of its Personal Data (for instance, if it is not required anymore to provide services).
    2. Change or correct data: the User can edit or request some of its Personal Data edition. The User can also request updates, changes or corrections of his/her data in specific cases, especially if they are incorrect.
    3. Introduce objections, limits or restrictions to data use: the User can request use interruption of all or some of his/her Personal Data (for instance, if we are not entitled to keep on using them), or limit our usage of such data (for instance, if your Personal Data is incorrect or illegally stored), highlighting that MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL can handle Personal Data as per legal grounds listed.
    4. The User is entitled to access or take its data: the User can request his/her Personal Data copy and the data the User provided in a legible format in printed or electronic form.

    The User can perform requests abovementioned contacting our Data Protection Officer through the e-mail address and such requests shall be considered as per applicable laws and regulations.

    If MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL changes this Privacy Policy, such changes shall be published visibly on MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL website as well as its events. If the User has any questions concerning the website privacy policies, contact MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL, through the following addresses/service channel of Data Protection Officer.
    MESSE MUENCHEN DO BRASIL has assigned its Marketing Coordinator Roberta Zeiger as Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’). The User can contact the DPO at the following physical address or through the e-mail address


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